Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gas Cap.

Even though it's low on the priority list, it's been bugging me that the locking gas cap doesn't lock. (Then again, considering current gas prices, maybe it's not such a low priority.)

First off, I set out to make a key for the cap. Although still in business, the manufacturer of the cap, Waso, is based in Sweden, and locating a correct key blank (WS-3) proved difficult. Luckily, the folks on Brickboard listed a few compatible blanks including the Ilco YU1-X153 blank (intended for Yugo!). The Yugo blank is a little longer, but fit just fine after filing about a millimeter off the tip. After filing and fitting and filing and fitting, I had myself a usable key!

At some point, someone removed the guts of the lock, so I had to manufacture a new "bolt" from scratch.

something missing here...

The hardest part was figuring out what the missing part was supposed to look like.

FYI, 70's-era SAABs appear to use the same five-sided Waso caps.

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Unknown said...

That's the way the part looks. I bought a gas cap for my 68' Saab without the tumbler & key, then bought a bent one with a tumbler & key, but the tumbler is slightly larger than the one I have. If you find any more, please email me. Thanks,