Saturday, May 3, 2008


I was having a tough time locating exact replacements for the type 12913 bulbs that were used in the glove box and instrument panel lights, so I started looking for other 12V/2W replacement bulbs with a mini bayonet base.

The closest modern replacement I could locate was a type 3797 bulb, but didn't want to mail order just two bulbs, so I kept looking for something available locally. I finally discovered that a type 53 bulb, available at most auto supply stores, should work.

new Sylvania 53 bulb on the left, old Phillips 12913 bulb on the right.

The 53 is technically a 14.4V bulb rated for 0.12 amps (14.4 volts X .12 amps = 1.7 watts), but that ought to be close enough. It's also globe-shaped rather than tubular, but the globe is narrow enough to fit in the openings in the dash.

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