Monday, March 31, 2008

Fuel Feed Line.

While working around the carbs, I knocked one of the fuel feed lines from its jet. After scrambling to stop the flow of fuel, I consulted the folks on Brickboard. They set me straight: on a SU HS6 carb, the feed line and jet are supposed to be one assembly, but if the feed line is worked loose over time (as mine was), it can be reattached by removing the jet, twisting off the brass compression fitting, reinserting the tube in the jet (making sure it fits between the brass inner nipple and Bakelite outer housing), and working the compression fitting back on the Bakelite housing.

While I was tinkering around, I replaced the oil pressure sensor wire, which had become brittle from the heat of the exhaust.

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BeerDeconstructed said...

E...F...I... toss those carbs!