Saturday, March 15, 2008

Picked up a Brick.

While browsing Craigslist last week, and dreaming (as I often do) about getting a project car, I spied an ad titled:

Volvo 1965 122 Sedan (sunnyvale)

About a week, two trips to Sunnyvale, and one impulse buy later, I found this sitting in my driveway:

Second thoughts set in about two hours after getting back to San Francisco. Somehow, I'd managed to overlook front end damage, rust, and an interior ravaged by 43 years of daily driving...

Admittedly, I realized that I was buying a car with a "scant" 588,443 miles on it. (Yes, that's five-hundred eighty-eight thousand. But, she's a Volvo, so I figure she's just hitting her stride.)

Besides, she ran strong throughout the entire 40.8 mile drive home. And, honestly, how could I say no to Willie, the original owner of the car- a lifelong bachelor, retired tennis instructor, former escort to Miss Chinatown, and septuagenarian- who bought it new in 1965 from a dealership in San Rafael, and who teared up as he signed the pink slip?

So, there you have it. It's March 15, 2008, and I'm the second owner of Willie's 1965 Volvo 122S.

Here are some more pics:

odometer lacks hundred-thousands place, where there would be a "5"

the artist formerly known as "driver's seat"

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