Saturday, March 29, 2008

Motor mounts.

iPd and Shamir to the rescue! I placed an order for the mounts from iPd last Sunday night (along with a valve cover hold-down kit and some POR-15) and I got the order on Wednesday!

Shamir kindly agreed to lend his knowledge and expertise (not to mention his floor jack, after he cautioned me against using the "widowmaker" from Jenn's Jetta).

Aside from being dumbfounded by Volvo's use of SAE fasteners, swapping out the motor mounts was a relatively painless process (in no small part thanks to Shamir's guidance on the matter), and the 122 is a lot happier now. Being short on time, we decided to postpone the tranny mount swap for another weekend.

all better.

well, that would explain a thing or two. new mount on the left.

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