Monday, July 14, 2008

End Link Bushings.

The Amazon was clunking a bit over bumps, and a quick glance at the suspension revealed some wear in the sway bar end link bushings. Removing the old bushings revealed just how fried they really were.

I swapped in a set of poly bushings from iPd. I found that, because the new poly bushings stand a little taller than the stock rubber bushings, I had to use a longer end link bolt. End link bolts aren't listed in iPd's catalog, but I was able to order a pair by calling them.

I still had to compress the bushings slightly to get the nut on. You could probably get an even longer bolt from a hardware store - just make sure you get one that's strong enough (Grade 8?). I gave the bushings a good dab of Aqua-Lube waterproof grease while assembling

I was able to do the whole job in under two hours using only a socket and wrench. (Didn't even require jacking up the front end, or removing the wheels.)

The car rides 100% better. The results were so inspiring that I ordered the full control arm bushing set from iPd.

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