Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oil Change.

I'd been reading some articles about lubrication that gave me a newfound appreciation for regular oil changes and their profound effect on prolonging motor life. Since I hadn't changed the oil in my Amazon since I got it, it was time.

The old oil was looking positively tar-like and, as my buddy and auto-guru Shamir pointed out, smelling pretty tired, too. It had a heavy odor of fuel that probably meant its lubricating properties were thoroughly broken down.

Out came the old oil and filter...

looking pretty sludgy.

In went fresh 10W-40 and a new Mann filter. Mann filters were Volvo's OEM choice, and have an anti-drainback valve to prevent oil starvation during starting. I also installed a magnetic drain plug to catch errant metallic particles while I was at it.

hoping I don't find a piece of a valve stuck to this the next time I change my oil

See you in 3,000 miles! (Unless I switch to 20W-50 full synthetic before then...)

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